Professor Tim Abram

Professor of Nuclear Fuel Technology, University of Manchester

Tim Abram has held the Westinghouse Chair in Nuclear Fuel Technology (and more recently in Nuclear Engineering) at the University of Manchester since 2008. Prior to this he gained over 20 years research experience in nuclear fuels and advanced reactors technology in the UK (at BNFL and the National Nuclear Laboratory) and in the USA (at Westinghouse). He has experience in the design, performance and safety analysis of all major fuel and reactor types, and in the development of computer codes for the analysis of fuel performance. He has participated in over 15 EU Framework projects in nuclear fuel and reactor technology, and is the UK's representative on the IAEA TWG on Fast Reactors. He was co-author of the Fuels and Materials section of the first Gen-IV Roadmap, and was the Euratom representative and Chair of the VHTR Fuel and Fuel Cycle Board. Prior to joining the University, Prof. Abram was the Senior Research Fellow for Fuels and Reactor Systems at NNL, where he retains the position of Senior Visiting Fellow. He has been an External Examiner for the Royal Navy’s nuclear engineering programmes, and for the University of Cambridge MPhil in Nuclear Engineering. He has served as an advisor to UK Government, and was a member of NIRAB from 2014-16. Prof. Abram is the Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre for Nuclear Science and Engineering, and leads the new Manchester Nuclear Fuel Centre of Excellence: a collaboration between the University and NNL that undertakes research into U, Th, and Pu-bearing nuclear fuel materials. Since 2009, Prof. Abram has led the development of the U-Battery: a 10 MWt micro-reactor based on a prismatic HTR design, which is currently being developed by a consortium led by Urenco. His research group has also contributed to the development of the Stable Salt Reactor: a molten salt reactor design being developed by Moltex Energy.