Professor Andrew Randewich

Head of Physics, AWE

After completing a PhD in plasma physics, Andrew joined AWE in 1997 in the High Altitude Nuclear Effects Team where he developed a novel capability to model Nuclear Induced Van Allen Belts, worked on Electromagnetic Pulse phenomenology, and won the Discovery Award for Early Career Scientific Innovation. Andrew later worked on thermonuclear burn modelling in support of Inertial Confinement Fusion and as a Team Leader in the Computational Physics Group. Since then, Andrew managed the Physics Certification programme and later led the High Performance Computing Group. After acting as Head of Design Physics, Andrew was appointed Head of Plasma Physics in 2011. The Department’s main role is using high power lasers to underwrite high energy density physics simulations. Andrew was Asset Manager for the ORION laser, one of the largest science capital investments in the UK and managed several other science facilities. Also in 2011, Andrew became Head of Profession for Physics and in 2013 moved to be AWE Chief Scientist in which role he assured AWE Science and Capability and led the company’s Strategic External Outreach. He is now Head of Physics Function comprising 550 staff including AWE’s Criticality and Design Safety groups. Andrew is deputy Chair of the AWE Nuclear Safety Committee, the Warhead Safety Committee and a co-opted member of the MoD Trident Safety Committee. Andrew was appointed as a visiting Professor at Imperial College, London in 2012, and is a Chartered Physicist, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics