Paul Brown

Senior Advisor, KBR

Paul was appointed Senior Advisor, Nuclear for KBR in 2014 supporting their Programme and Project Management Services team. His early experience in the nuclear sector was as a Project Engineer during construction of Heysham and Torness Power Stations when he also completed a research MPhil into joining of critical components within the AGR pressure containment plant. He was also responsible for project engineering of packages within construction of what were then known as Thorpe and Pond 5 at Windscale. After a number of international operations executive roles in the public and private sectors he became CEO of the Radioisotopes Division of AEA Technology (QSA) in 2003, commercialising and rationalising radioisotope R&D and production in the UK, Germany, USA and China. This included being Chair of a highly successful JV between China Isotope Corporation a division of CNNC and AEA based in Shenzhen China. Up until 2012 he worked for 4 years as interim COO at ONR and has a good understanding of how UK nuclear regulation is delivered. His core strengths are advising on how best to drive change in operations and project delivery to improve economics, cost reduction, increase efficiency and reduce time to market. Paul is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and is a member of the Joint Audit Committee for Surrey Police.