Monica Jong

Head of Operations Materials Research Facility, UK Atomic Energy Authority

Monica Jong is Head of Operations for the Materials Research Facility at the UK Atomic Energy Authority. She has a BSc in Engineering and Materials Science, along with 25 years of materials research experience with participation in lifetime extensions programs for GEN2 reactors, irradiation damage studies for GEN4 fission and fusion materials, and development of techniques to process, test and evaluate activated materials in hot cells and other shielded environments. Monica moved to UKAEA from the Netherlands in 2015 and is currently building up and expanding the facility to enable sub-sized and micro-sized samples to be evaluated using microstructural, mechanical and thermophysical techniques. She is working closely with other institutes and universities to realise goals, which are: efficient use of irradiated materials; comparison of standard techniques against new innovations in materials research; development of new standards and completing existing design codes with data from new developed standards and guidelines in databases.