Mike Middleton

Practice Manager Nuclear, Energy Systems Catapult

Mike Middleton joined the Energy Systems Catapult in Autumn 2017 on transfer from the Energy Technologies Institute where for 4 years he deepened the understanding of the potential role of nuclear technologies as part of the energy mix in delivering a UK transition to a low carbon economy. This involved designing and delivering a project portfolio procured through open competition and disseminating the knowledge gained through ETI insights.  His diverse experience in nuclear operations, projects and services includes; waterfront submarine support; liquid and solid waste processing; construction projects; nuclear facility decommissioning; and new nuclear power. Mike graduated from UCL with a first class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. With the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors he completed an M.Sc degree with distinction in Marine Mechanical Engineering from UCL and later an M.Sc degree with distinction in Nuclear Reactor Technology awarded by the University of Surrey.  He is a Chartered Engineer and was elected Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in July 2000. His previous appointments include Facilities Director at the Clyde Naval Base and Infrastructure Director at Sellafield.