Dr Eugene Shwageraus

University of Cambridge

Dr Eugene Shwageraus is a Senior Lecturer and Course Director of Nuclear Energy MPhil in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He is also a part of the University of Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre which links and coordinates projects in areas related to nuclear technology, among them advanced reactor concepts as well as safety, waste management, nuclear policy and regulation. Previously, he was an Associate Professor and served as the Head of the Nuclear Engineering Department at Ben-Gurion University in Israel. He also spent two years as a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT and holds a PhD degree from MIT as well. He has strong research ties with Energy Sciences and Technology Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the US and worked there as a Visiting Scientist on multiple occasions. In the course of his career, he was a PI and Co-PI on a number of research projects sponsored by government research organisations, power utilities and private companies. He participated in and was a contributing author to a high-profile interdisciplinary study on “The Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle” commissioned by the MIT Energy Initiative. He has long standing academic interests in the development of numerical methods for modelling advanced reactors. In particular, multi-physics coupling of Monte Carlo neutron transport codes. Other projects he took part in include: Light Water Reactor designs for recycling and transmutation of Pu and minor actinides, improving performance of LWRs by using advanced fuels (such as Th and inert fuel matrices) with alternative cladding material (e.g. SiC) and alternative geometries (e.g. annular internally and externally cooled fuel), design of advanced fast gas cooled reactors with super-critical CO2 coolant, design of fast reactors with flexible conversion ratio cooled by sodium, lead as well as molten salt, and fast reactors with low- enriched uranium start-up.