Professor Tim Abram

Professor of Nuclear Fuel Technology, University of Manchester

Tim Abram joined the University in 2008 as the first holder of the Westinghouse Chair in Nuclear Fuel Technology. Prior to this appointment he gained over 21 years of experience in the nuclear fuels and research sectors, both in the UK and the USA. He led the team at BNFL responsible for the fuel rod design and safety analysis for the UK's most recent nuclear power station, Sizewell B, and for the UK's first export order for mixed (U,Pu) oxide fuel (MOX).

He has experience in the design, performance and safety analysis of all major fuel types, and in the development of computer codes for the analysis of in-reactor fuel performance. He has participated in over 15 European Framework research programmes in nuclear fuel and reactor technology, and is the UK's representative on the IAEA Technical Group on Fast Reactors and Accelerator-Driven Systems.

He was co-author of the Fuels and Materials section of the Generation-IV Roadmap, and has actively participated in the programme since its inception in 2000, most recently as the Euratom representative and Co-Chair of the VHTR Project Management Board for Fuel and Fuel Cycle research.

Prior to joining the University, Prof. Abram was the Senior Research Fellow for Fuels and Reactor Systems at the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory, where he retains the position of Associate Fellow.