About NIRO


NIRO is a full-time diverse team of approximate 12 nuclear professionals from a cross section of the industry which, with guidance from NIRAB, advises BEIS on nuclear research and innovation. NIRO is hosted by the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL).



- Provides the secretariat support for NIRAB meetings and any sub-groups that may be convened

- Provides the analytical capacity required to provide advice to BEIS officials

- Drafts reports, as required, for review by NIRAB

- Carries out analysis in order to inform advice to Government (BEIS) on research and innovation programme priorities

- Supports BEIS in the management of R&D programmes

- Facilitates coordination of nuclear innovation and R&D activity and communications within and between Government and industry

- Supports Government’s production of the business cases required to underpin nuclear research and innovation programmes

- Supports BEIS in policy development related to advanced nuclear systems


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