Stephen Smith

CEO and Founder, Algometrics Ltd

Stephen Smith is CEO and founder of Algometrics Ltd. His background in investment banking involved the financing of infrastructure projects and complex cross-border deals for clients in Asia and Latin America. He also pioneered quantitative models for asset and derivative trading, establishing a hedge fund with a prominent securities firm in Singapore, and developed advanced systems for high frequency trading of financial instruments. Since 2003 Algometrics has built a universal laboratory facility in Cambridge for the research and development of viable technologies and techniques for use in advanced nuclear reactor designs and other high energy physics research. Stephen is also involved with his family-owned business, established in 1965, which is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation and equipment for the aerospace, defence, energy and nuclear sectors in the UK and globally. Stephen has a triple first class degree in electrical sciences from Cambridge University and a Masters with distinction, in solid state physics from Imperial College. He conducted further academic research in applied mathematics with applications in cryptanalysis and computer science. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) and ASIP.